Alumni Club of New York City Board of Directors


The University of Chicago Alumni Club of New York City (“the “Club”) Board of Directors are:

    Dalita Balassanian, AB'01, President
    Sheldon Levy, AB'09, Vice President
    Tom Sandlow, AB'81, MBA '85, Programming Chair
    Joanna Kadieva, AB'0, Programming Chair
    Jennifer Glickel, AB'08, Engagement and Outreach Co-Chair
    Jonathan Honig, JD'82, Engagement and Outreach Co-Chair
    Kimberly Drelich, AB'07, Careers & Networking Co-Chairs
    David Lee, MBA'87, Careers & Networking Co-Chairs   
    Dereje "Reggie" Ambatchew, AB'88, Communications Co-Chair
    Charlie Vidal, AB'88, Communications Co-Chair
    Jessica Ansehl, AB'05, Board Member at Large
    Adam Brunk, AB'08, Board Member at Large
    Richard Brand, MBA'80, Board Member at Large
    Catherine Matloub, JD'13, Board Member at Large

We are dedicated to developing the tri-state communities of alumni from all the schools of the University of Chicago and all of us are volunteers.

The common purpose of the Club is to:

  • Provide opportunities for all alumni, parents and friends of University of Chicago to serve as the University’s advocate, articulating its role and direction
  • Encourage the Alumni Community’s intellectual enrichment and professional growth through forums and presentations
  • Elevate the stature of the University in our geographic region through club programming
  • Create an open community of like-minded individuals with a common experience to enrich life in our region

In addition to our current successful programs, we would like to expand the types of opportunities and events we offer. If you are interested in making an impact, please contact your Alumni Club of New York City Volunteer Cochairs: Jennifer Glickel, AB'08, at, or Jonathan Honig, JD'82, at 

Need to contact the Alumni Association?  Contact your regional Alumni Staff Liaison, Mari L. Meyer at