Adam J. Brunk, AB '08

Board Member at Large

Position(s) you have held on the Alumni Board
Board Member-at-Large, Young Alumni Chair (Philadelphia)

Years of service on the Alumni Board

Why did you join the Alumni Board?
I joined the alumni board because of my continued commitment to being a part of the University of Chicago community and building that community outside of Hyde Park. Attending UChicago remains one of the best decisions of my life, and I love that I’m able to share that enthusiasm with fellow alumni and to help make our network stronger.

What's the best part of being on the Alumni Board?
The chance to meet other alumni with whom I may not otherwise cross paths, as well as to remain involved with and connected to the University.

Why should other alumni volunteer?
The U of C has so much more to offer than just the time we each physically spent on campus, and volunteering as an alum is an opportunity for each of us to keep benefiting from our connection to the University.

What has been your favorite alumni event in NYC?
As a former co-chair of Phoenixphest and Participate Chicago a number of times over the years, those events hold a special place in my heart. Seeing literally hundreds of young alumni come out of the woodwork to celebrate something we all share is always an exciting experience.

What is your favorite memory from UChicago?
So much of it blends together anymore, but I always think fondly of the Sem Co-Op, sandwiches from U Mart, fascinating and rigorous classes, and somehow still nearly constantly having fun.

If you were an undergraduate at UChicago, what house were you in?
Michelson House (RIP Shoreland)

Who was your favorite academic/class from your time at UChicago?
Legal Reasoning, Logic, and American Law and the Rhetoric of Race immediately come to mind, but I think Sport, Society and Science may have been my favorite class.

Where was your favorite Hyde Park hangout?
The Pub (Mondays for wings and Tuesdays for trivia), as well as the DU house, my home for most of college.