The Resume Exchange Comes to New York City

The Resume Exchange is Available to Help UChicago Alumni Improve the Quality and Competitiveness of Their Resumes and Provides a Unique Volunteer Opportunity For Alumni Looking to Expand Their Professional Networks

The Alumni Club of New York City is very excited to introduce the Resume Exchange to its members! The Resume Exchange ( was created by a few UChicago graduates who noticed that many of their fellow alumni had fantastic academic credentials (of course!), outstanding professional experience, and unique skills, but did not present these qualities on their resumes. They would undoubtedly be great on the job, but their resumes prevented them from even getting an interview. To address this issue, The Resume Exchange seeks to help UChicago alumni ensure that their resumes convey their full potential value to prospective employers.

The Resume Exchange ( is based on the fundamental premise that the best career development resource is someone who is familiar with your background, understands what you hope to achieve, and has the experience and expertise to help you get there. When you submit your resume to the Exchange, it will be matched to a Resume Advisor (also a UChicago alum) who has been specially selected for you based on your academic background and professional experience, and who will provide constructive feedback to help you improve the quality and competitiveness of your resume.

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As the Resume Exchange gets up and running in the New York metro area, it needs local alumni who live and and work in the area to participate as Resume Advisors. Resume Advisors need not be full-time recruiters or human resources professionals – all UChicago alumni with professional experience in any field or industry, an understanding of their local job market, and experience reviewing and revising resumes are welcome to apply. Participating is a flexible and convenient way to meaningfully contribute to the UChicago alumni community, and we hope that you will consider applying.

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If you have any questions, please email the Exchange’s team at

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