2016 Alumni Awards: Dalita Balassanian, AB'01

The Alumni Club of New York City congratulates Ms. Dalita Balassanian, AB'01 on winning a 2016 Alumni Service Award.

The 2016 alumni awardees have affected both the University of Chicago and the global community. 

Alumni Service Award: Dalita Balassanian, AB'01, Policy Specialist, Executive Office of the Administrator, at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Ms. Balassanian's involvement with the Alumni Club of New York City began immediately after graduation, when she served as a co-organizer for New Yorks Phoenixphest for several years. She has also been involved with the Alumni Schools Committee, Reunion Committee, Chicago Women's Alliance, and other groups. Her role expanded over the years in various Board positions until she became President in 2013.

As the leader of the second-largest alumni club, she is a proud advocate of the University of Chicago and works tirelessly to create a shared identity and an ongoing sense of connection with the University and its alumni community. In recognition of her contributions to our community, she will be presented with the award at the award ceremonies kick off for the annual Volunteer Caucus, which takes place Saturday, April 16.

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