Jennifer Glickel, AB '08

Engagement Committee Co-Chair

Position(s) you have held on the Alumni Board
Young Alumni Chair, Programming Co-Chair, Engagement & Outreach Co-Chair

Years of service on the Alumni Board

Why did you join the Alumni Board?
I joined the alumni board because of my passion for and interest in the University of Chicago. The four years I spent in Hyde Park were some of the best of my life and I wanted to continue to involve myself with the University and the College in whatever way I could.

What's the best part of being on the Alumni Board?
I love meeting alums who are equally as excited and passionate about the U of C as I am, as it's a really unique and wonderful institution.

Why should other alumni volunteer?
If you love the U of C and want to share that experience with others and continue to get to know other alums you may not have met, then get involved!

What has been your favorite alumni event in NYC?
I love the big events like Phoenixphest and Participate Chicago, but I also love the ice skating parties in Bryant Park that we have held in years past.

What is your favorite memory from UChicago?
Experiences that I shared with those people who were and still are my best friends in the world. Exploring Hyde Park, Chicago more generally and, all too often, the Reg with these friends are what made my experience at the U of C as wonderful as it was.

If you were an undergraduate at UChicago, what house were you in?
Flint House

Who was your favorite academic/class from your time at UChicago?
I loved the Anthropology of Food and Cuisine. What a great and different subject for a class!

Where was your favorite Hyde Park hangout?
The Med for sure. The shakes and the pecan pie were the best!