Sheldon Levy, AB '09

Vice President Emeritus

Position(s) you have held on the Alumni Board (if multiple, please list them all)   
Volunteer Committee Co-Chair, Vice President

Years of service on the Alumni Board

Why did you join the Alumni Board?
I joined to help further our efforts to become a presence for our Alumni in the NYC area and to meet many new types of professionals in our network.

What's the best part of being on the Alumni Board?
I enjoy meeting so many different alums at our event sand having the opportunity to share common experiences with them. It enriches my cultural experience here in NYC in ways that I probably wouldn't have recognized. It also gives me an ear to the larger Alumni organization overall and has given me opportunities to participate in and help lead other Alumni events and efforts. Volunteer Caucus and the Alumni Schools Committee have been the two most engaging (and most enjoyable) opportunities for me!

Why should other alumni volunteer?
Volunteering with the Alumni Club is a great way to meet new people in NYC and expose yourself and your firend groups to areas of business and to parts of the social scene that you might have never known about before.

What has been your favorite alumni event in NYC?
I am a big fan our Yankee Stadium Outings

What is your favorite memory from UofC?
Proudly trudging through the snow to get to the Palmer House Hilton to be a Moderator (and bang my gavel!) for a committee for MUNUC XX.

If you were an undergraduate at UChicago, what house were you in?
Maclean House

Who was your favorite academic from your time at UofC?
James Davis

Where was your favorite Hyde Park hangout?
The Medici