tina tang, AB '92

Programming Committee Co-Chair

Position(s) you have held on the Alumni Board
Programming Committee Co-Chair

Years of service on the Alumni Board
Less than a year

Why did you join the Alumni Board?
Opportunity to create the kind of intellectual events I love and know others would to.

What's the best part of being on the Alumni Board?
Meeting the various generations of alumni at events and seeing the common bond we hold together.  It takes a special kind of curiosity to choose the U of C.

Why should other alumni volunteer?
Remain connected to a formative time of our lives.  Opportunity to create the kind of events you've always wanted.

What has been your favorite alumni event in NYC?
Bill Browder lecture!

What is your favorite memory from UChicago?
First and second year dorm room life.  Living with strangers for the first time leaving home.

If you were an undergraduate at UChicago, what house were you in?
Breckenridge House

Who was your favorite academic/class from your time at UChicago?
Humanities reading Greek classics.  I would never read that on my own, not even now.

Where was your favorite Hyde Park hangout?

Ann Sather's