Why Emma Boettcher’s ‘Jeopardy!’ win became a celebration for librarians

Emma Boettcher shot to unexpected fame this summer when she ended James Holzhauer's 32-game streak on "Jeopardy!"—cutting short his bid at the regular-season winnings record.

For memma_boettcher_jeopardy_croppeduch of Emma Boettcher’s life, “Jeopardy!” had been a mostly private passion—one the University of Chicago librarian rarely brought up in casual conversation. That changed in dramatic fashion this past summer.

Five months ago, Boettcher ended the second-longest winning streak in the “Jeopardy!” history, cutting short 32-time champion James Holzhauer’s bid at the regular-season winnings record. Since that episode aired in June, the 27-year-old has found a new excuse to talk about a show that she has loved and studied for years—and given her fellow librarians a reason to brag.

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Photo courtesy of Jeopardy Productions, Inc.