Volunteer Needed: Event Hosts

Want to get together with or host fellow UChicago Alumni?

The Alumni Club of New York City is recruiting event hosts — alumni who volunteer to plan UChicago alumni gatherings across the tri-state region, with assistance from the Alumni Association and/or can arrange for spaces to hold club sponsored events.

All events should further the connection between alumni, parents, families, and friends to each other as well as the University and the local alumni community. Events can include happy hours, cultural tours, cooking classes, lectures, boat tours, panels, volunteer events, hikes, dinners or whatever you can image. See the programming criteria handout for general guidelines in planning an event.

Event Hosts Responsiblities

  • Develop and execute one event per year
  • Plans, organizes, and identifies event locations and vendors
  • Develop and manage the event timeline and budget
  • Ensures program budget and timeline is approved by the Program Chair or Alumni Association staff liaison
  • Submit event online through University of Chicago Community Online (UCCO) platform
  • Make personal 1:1 outreaches to encourage attendance
  • Receive training on UCCO platform to manage event after listing
  • Send reminder and thank you emails to attendees
  • Submitting the attendance list after the event

Time Commitment

  • 5-10 hours per event


  • Willing to learn UCCO platform
  • Enthusiasm for organizing and leading events


  • Opportunity to develop new and existing skills in areas such as event management, marketing and communication.
  • Enjoyment of meeting new people in your community and working as part of our programming committee.
  • Satisfaction of knowing you are making a valuable contribution to the University of Chicago alumni community.

To get started peruse the Volunteer Tools and Resources page on event planning.

For more information, please contact either of the Engagement and Outreach Co-Chairs: Jennifer Glickel, AB'08, at jglickel@gmail.com or Jessica Ansehl Steinberg, AB '05, at Jessica.Ansehl@gmail.com.