519TOM SANDLOW, AB ’81 MBA '85


Position(s) you have held on the Alumni Board
Programming Co-Chair

Years of service on the Alumni Board

Why did you join the Alumni Board?
I’ve always appreciated the impact that being at UChicago had on my development as an individual. I’ve tried to remain an active member of the UChicago Community since graduating. As a result, when there was an opportunity to join the Alumni Board I took advantage of it.

What's the best part of being on the Alumni Board?
I enjoy planning (and, of course, attending) events with other Alumni volunteers.

Why should other alumni volunteer?
Being an Alumni Volunteer is a great way to participate in the UChicago Community. It’s fun and rewarding to be a volunteer.

What has been your favorite alumni event in NYC?
Over the years there have been so many great events in NYC so it is hard to pick just one. One of my favorites was a discussion led by Geoffrey Stone regarding the make-up of the Supreme Court. Professor Stone interspersed his discussion with personal anecdotes about President Obama (Stone was Dean of the Law School when Obama was hired as a Lecturer).

Who was your favorite academic/class from your time at UChicago?
My third year at the College I took an introduction to Philosophy course. It was the quintessential UChicago seminar course. With only 6 students in the class everyone felt comfortable speaking freely. Often we were so absorbed in the discussion that class ran far over the scheduled time.

What is your favorite memory from UChicago?
My first year at UChicago, Chuck Berry did a concert at Mandel Hall. It seemed that everyone at the concert let go and no one was concerned with papers and exams.

Where was your favorite Hyde Park hangout?
Bartlett Gym – before it became a dining hall, Bartlett was the place for pickup basketball at UChicago. It attracted a mix of students, professors, staff and locals from the neighborhood.