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This is a discussion group that is aimed at not-so-recent alumni who have had time to forget such classes as Human Being & Citizen (“HBC”) and other broad, introductory courses that exposed us to great works. The initial series is a set of five meetings over five months discussing excerpts of such works and authors as The Iliad, Genesis, Plato, Aristotle, and St. Augustine.

This would be a cross between a class and a book club, where members of a discussion group read portions of one or more great works and then discuss it together, without the pressure of grades or a need to impress, and with the perspective that successes and failures in professional and family life bring.  While the foundational works have not changed, all of us who are alumni have, which we anticipate will lead to interesting discussions.

Before setting dates, we would like to solicit interest so that we know what type of facilities and how many groups are needed.  Therefore, please contact Bill Funk, AB’93, at wfunk@funklawsite.com to register your interest.  Once we have critical mass, we will start planning meeting dates and locations.