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A Very Queer Family Indeed: Sex, Religion, and the Bensons in Victorian Britain

The February free e-book from the University of Chicago Press.

The City in a Garden by Prof. J Hansen

“City in a Garden” goes back to Hyde Park’s roots as a retreat from city life and details the...

Exclusive LEGO Miniature of Cobb Gate

It's LEGO time at UChicago!

Kimberly Peirce reflects on how UChicago shaped her filmmaking career

Kimberly Peirce, AB’90, said she would not have become a filmmaker without the guidance of...

Why Emma Boettcher’s ‘Jeopardy!’ win became a celebration for librarians

Emma Boettcher shot to unexpected fame this summer when she ended James Holzhauer's 32-game streak...

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Volunteer Needed: Event Hosts

The Alumni Club of New York City is recruiting event hosts — alumni who volunteer to plan UChicago alumni gatherings across the tri-state region, with assistance from the Alumni Association and/or can arrange for spaces to hold club sponsored events.

Jennifer Glickel, AB '08

Engagement Committee Co-Chair

Charlie Vidal, AB’12

Communications Co-Chair

A Chance To Mentor and A Chance To Learn

In a two part article, Steve Byun, AM '01, recounts how he was involved with the creation of the Alumni Club's APDP Program and found an intern in Matthew Pellegrino, AB '11. Matthew relates the impact of this internship on his current career path.
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